Introducing NET HR – The Ultimate Human Resource Application

NET HR is a comprehensive HR application that is designed to streamline your HR processes and simplify your day-to-day HR operations. This application is an all-in-one solution that covers everything from managing staff and leaves to calculating payroll and generating reports.

Manage Staff with Ease

With NET HR, managing your staff has never been easier. You can store all your employee data in one place, including personal information, employment details, and salary information. This makes it easy to access employee information and manage it efficiently.

Salary Master

The Salary Master feature allows you to manage employee salaries and benefits effectively. You can set up salary structures, define salary components, and configure different allowances and deductions. This feature helps you calculate salaries accurately, saving you time and reducing errors.

Leave Type Master

The Leave Type Master feature enables you to manage different types of leaves, including vacation, sick leave, and personal leave. You can set up leave policies and define leave quotas for different employee groups. This feature also allows you to track leave balances and manage leave requests.

Manage Loans and Repayment

NET HR makes it easy to manage employee loans, including loan disbursements, repayment schedules, and EMI configurations. You can track loan balances, calculate interest and penalties, and generate loan repayment reports.

Manage Leaves and Attendance

NET HR’s Leave and Attendance Management features help you track employee attendance, including late comings, early goings, and absences. This feature also allows you to manage leave requests, including approvals, rejections, and cancellations

Manage LOP

The Loss of Pay (LOP) management feature enables you to track LOPs for different employees and generate reports. You can also configure LOP policies based on your organization’s requirements.

Calculate Payroll with Ease

NET HR simplifies the payroll process by automatically calculating employee salaries based on their earnings, including Basic and DA, HRA, and Special Allowances, as well as their deductions, including EPF and other statutory deductions. This feature also includes LOP, Loans, and other adjustments, enabling you to generate accurate payroll reports effortlessly.

Reports for Staff, Loan, Salary, Leaves, and Attendance

NET HR’s reporting features help you generate reports for different HR processes, including staff, loan, salary, leaves, and attendance. You can customize these reports based on your organization’s requirements, making it easy to track and analyze HR data.

In conclusion,

NET HR is a comprehensive HR application that covers everything from managing staff to generating payroll reports. This application is easy to use and customizable, making it an ideal solution for organizations of all sizes. Try NET HR today and experience the benefits of streamlined HR processes and improved productivity.

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