Considerate of people’s choice, our aim is to focus on a good comfortable trip. Based on that we provide adaptable services like business management, customer management, sales and distribution, fleet management, and financial management. In addition, we present unique requirements according to the customer.

Proficient developers specialize in implementing ERP solutions especially for this industry, ensuring that the clients receive customized solutions that meet the need of the customer. By utilizing our services, the businesses in the industry can minimize expenses and create a satisfactory service


“Cozy and comfortable” is what one expects the trip to be. Each trip has an estimated and fixed cost for some specific kilometers, charges will be credited according to that. Exceeded km will be charged extra after the trip. In TruckNet, there are tours, import and export trip which is widely used and liked by many of our customers.


Vehicles from this site are being properly maintained and managed after every specific trips. Careful progress is made about vehicle after usage.


Invoice is a receipt which is being issued to receive payments after taking our service or trip. It typically includes the cost of the services provided. We provide invoice for the services which are used. The payment will be processed according to the service. Multiple payment can be done in a single invoice. It has credit management system; the customer can split the payment and pay them with credits.

Rate Master

With our rate master application, the transporter can easily calculate the transport cost for a particular trip. Customers find rate master user-friendly as it provides all the needed information about the trip. Users can enter a particular vehicle of their choice, and they can extract details about their upcoming journey. Each km has its own data and cost based on the trip. One can choose their convenient vehicle, with the cost of their choice. The details can be used multiple times, anytime and anywhere with ease. It makes your journey more fun and interesting without any hassle.


  • TruckNet solution offers significant benefits that give your business a vital edge over competitors.
  • By leveraging our optimized shipping costs, you can reduce inventory levels, resulting in improved customer service and greater opportunities for expansion.
  • Additionally, our solution facilitates better collaboration with vendors, leading to preferential treatment and further advantages.
  • Save time and get the quickest best cost option to organize your shipments.

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